Emergency Roadside Service

Come and see for yourself. We’ll treat you with respect and dignity. We won’t worry you with unnecessary expenses.

Why Choose Us

Family owned and operated for over 30 years

Mike and Kathy Reiter

Brandon and Rachel Rapport (and Ms. Lady)

We’re car people. That means you care about your car, and so do we. Our team of certified AAA technicians will ensure you receive the best practices in the industry.


Your car lets you complete essential daily activities such as traveling to and from work, buying groceries, and picking up the children from school. You depend on it, so it’s important your car receives quality repairs and service.

When you choose RB, we make sure to get you back on the road so you can have your freedom, and your peace of mind.

About us

Mike Reiter and his brother Hal Reiter (above left to right), started with a repair shop in the early 1980's.  Their CPA told them they were spending too much money on towing cars, so Mike and Hal purchased a flatbed tow truck.  They then became popular with local shops for towing. 

In the late 1980's, the Automobile Club of Southern California, AAA, approached them to become Preferred Service Providers, and the legacy began with that contract. 

Rachel Rapport (Reiter), Mike's oldest daughter, came into the business as an adult in January 2007 and said, "you are paying your CPA too much" and she proceeded doing the finances and bookkeeping for the towing company. 

 In August 2012 was the conception of RB Towing, DBA HAR Towing.  Rachel became owner in hopes that her parents and uncle would be able to retire within a few years after mentoring her into a fabulous owner.  

RB Towing has been nominated for several awards with AAA and continues to be one of the leading towing companies in Southern California for Emergency Roadside Assistance.

Rachel has taken RB and HAR Towing to the highest levels of business through new information technology and team member motivation.  She continues on self-improvement and participating with a business coach to master the industry at its finest. 

Mike, Kathy, and Hal are still involved with the business in its day to day operations. 

Our Team